Timber Gallery

We keep a huge range of softwood timber. Our timber is mixed species but predominantly spruce. All are pressure treated whether they are sawn or planed. We can supply in full packs or as little as one piece. From capping to sleepers you can normally find what you are after and if you can’t just speak to a member of staff and we might be able to help you. We cannot offer hardwood timbers apart from our new cut green oak sleeper and our new cedar batons.


Sawn Timber Posts

All our sawn posts are pressure treated for ground contact. We stock a huge variety of sizes. These include, but are not limited to, birds mouth , square sawn such as 100x 100mm & 75 x 75mm and a good range of paddock/motorway posts including 125 x 75mm & 150 x 75mm.

Please see our price list for the full range.


Sawn Timber Planks

We stock a huge variety of sawn timber rails & planks all are treated for ground contact so they can also be used as edging boards. The most popular being 3.6m x 87 x 38mm also know as the motorway rail.

Please see our price list for the full range of sizes.

gate posts.png

Gate Posts

All our gate posts are pressure treated for ground contact and have a four way weather at one end. We stock a good range.

1.8 m x 125 x 125mm, 2.4m 125 x 125mm

2.1m 150 x 150mm, 2.4m 150 x 150, 2.7m 150 x 150mm & 3.0m 150 x 150mm

2.1m 175 x 175mm & 2.4m 175 x 175mm,

2.4m 200 x 200mm & 2.7m 200 x 200mm.

3.0m x 150 x 150 Planed/Smooth



Pressure treated softwood available in the following sizes

3.6 x 65 x 38mm twice weathered

3.6 x 100 x 38mm Twice weathered

1.83 x 50 x 12mm Twice weathered

1.83m x 50 x 19mm Flat (2 edges chamfered)


We stock timber purlins. They are treated for above ground use. (UC3)
Still cut to imperial lengths.
4.57 x 125 x 75mm (15ft 5 x 3)
4.57 x 175 x 75mm (15ft 7 x 3)
4.57 x 225 x 75mm (15ft x 9 x3)
6.096 x 125 x 75mm (20ft x 5 x3)-NOW GRADED C16
6.096 x 175 x 75mm (20ft 7x 3)-NOW GRADED C16
6.096 x 225 x 75mm (20ft 9 x 3)-NOW GRADED C16

featheredge fencing.jpg

Feather Edge/Vertical Board

All our Feather Edge is 2ex 125 x 22mm. This means our saw mill take aboard that is 125 x 22mm and cut it diagonally to create two pieces. The cost listed on our price list is for a single piece of feather edge. We recommend 10 boards per meter based on a 25mm overlap.

Treated to UC3. Lengths available from stock

0.9m, 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.65m, 1.8m, 2.1m, 2.4m, & 3.0m.

IMG_7897 (2).jpg

Log Roll

Our log roll is available in three heights. Half logs secured at the back with line wire. Pressure treated for ground contact. All Rolls are 2m in length.

200mm H

300mm H

400mm H


Timber Pegs

All our pegs are two way pointed. We stock the following sizes treated to UC4 (Ground Contact)

0.45m 50 x 50mm, 0.6m 50 x 50mm,

1.0m 50 x 50mm, 1.2m 50 x 50mm,

1.0m 75 x 75mm, 1.2m 75 x 75mm & 1.8m 75 x 75mm.

1.2m 38 x 38mm (Hedge Laying)

IMG_7896 (2).jpg


Our pressure treated pales come in a range of sizes and styles.

Sawn Finish

0.9 x 75 x 22mm Flat, Pointed, Round Top

0.9 x 100 x 22mm Flat & Round Top

1.2m x 75 x 22mm Flat, Pointed, Round Top

1.2m x 100 x 22mm Flat & Round Top

1.8m x 100 x 19mm Flat

1.8m & 2.4mx 100 x 22mm Flat


0.9 x 75 x 25mm (69 x 19mm Finish) Round & Pointed

0.9 x 75 x 22mm (69 x 15mm Finish) Round with eased edges

1.2 x 75 x 25mm (69 x 19mm Finish) Round & Pointed

1.2 x 75 x 22mm (69 x 15mm Finish) Round with eased edges

IMG_7891 (2).jpg

Brown Treated Timber

We stock a range of brown treated rails, posts and feather edge.

2.4m & 2.7m x 100 x 100mm

1.8m & 3.6m x 100 x 50mm

4.2m x 75 x 22mm

4.8m x 100 x 38mm

2.0m & 3.6m x 75 x 50mm

1.8 & 1.5m 2ex 125 x 22mm feather edge

* Brown treatment will fade over a period of about 6 months. the timber is still treated, the idea is that the treatment colour replaces your first coat of stain.

IMG_7892 (2).jpg

Softwood & Oak Sleepers

All our softwood sleepers are pressure treated for ground contact and we stock a good range of sizes.

1.2m x 200 x 100mm

1.8m x 200 x 100mm

2.4m x 200 x 100mm

3.0m x 200 x 100mm

2.4m x 245 x 120mm

3.0m x 245 x 120mm

PLANED/SMOOTH with eased edges 2.4m x 200 x 100mm

VALUE SLEEPER 2.4m x 200 x 100mm

OAK Sleeper 2.4m x 200x 100mm.


Small Timber Sections

We offer smaller timber sections ideal for roofing, venetian fencing, building trellis & as gate stops.

1.8m x 19 x 19mm

3.6m x 38 x 19mm

3.6m x 50 x 25mm sawn & Planed (planed 44 x 19mm Finish)

The 50 x 25mm planed is square edge and is perfect for creating venetian fencing which is currently in fashion.

finial 4.jpg
finial 2.jpg
finial 1.jpg

Finials & Caps

We offer a good range of finials & caps to suit 75 x 75mm & 100 x 100mm posts.


Plywood & OSB

We can offer plywood & OSB sheets all 1.22m x 2.44 (8 x4)

9mm Elliottis Pine Plywood CE2 2440 x 1220 FSC

2.44 x 1.22m 12mm Lumin CE2 Ply ^ FSC

2.44 x 1.22m 18mm Pine Structural CCX Eucalyptus CE2 NON FSC

All our plywood is suitable for exterior use but MUST be primed and sealed before it is exposed to the elements or moisture.

OSM 18mm & 12mm

Features and Benefits

OSB is a versatile and durable building board. OSB has superb load-bearing properties.

Suitable for wall sheathing, flooring, roofing, general construction and renovation work, formwork and long term site hoardings.

OSB 2 conforms to EN300. OSB 3 also conforms to BS EN5268-2, BBA and Class E1.


Trailer Board/Metsadeck

Birch Phenolic Ply 1220 x 2440 PEFC 18mm. A heavy-duty panel with long-lasting mesh pattern overlay, producing slip resistance. Applications include vehicle floors, ship decking, warehouse and factory hall floors, loading docks and warehouse shelving. Metsä Wood Deck's plywood floor panels are ideal panels for applications that require highly wear resistant and rough surfaces.

marine ply.jpg

Marine Plywood

1220 x 2440 18mm

Conforms to BS EN636-3, BS 1088, CE2+ and Class E1 .

18mm MDF Pro now in stock.

2440 x 1220mm

Understanding Plywood Grading

EUROPEAN UNION TIMBER REGULATION (EUTR) All our panel products are EUTR compliant, a regulation designed to combat the trading and harvesting of illegal timber. Metsä Wood (our suppliers of Marine, metsadeck and OSB use a recognised due diligence tool which analyses the risk of illegal timber entering the supply chain.

CE MARKING The CE mark is a fitness for purpose, not a quality mark. CE marking, along with the supporting documentation, is the way for manufacturers to demonstrate that their products conform to a harmonised technical specification and therefore the CPD (Construction Products Directive). The technical specification to permit CE marking of plywood is EN13986 - Wood based panels for use in construction.


Is a standard for the structural testing of panel products, but is only applicable to the test undertaken. If the panel is to be used for flooring, roofing or wall sheathing, test data applicable to these specific end uses should be available on request. If in doubt, ask. It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to provide the structural test data to support the CE2+ claim. If the mill or supplier cannot provide the relevant test information and show that the test is applicable to the required end use, i.e. Walls, Floors and Roofs, it is not an appropriately tested product for these end uses even if it carries a CE2+ mark. Structural data should consist of bending strength and stiffness, compression, tension and shear strength, impact resistance and point load.

BBA CERTIFIED Selecting BBA approved products is a sure way to avoid problems at a number of stages in the building process. BBA approved products will meet the criteria set out in the relevant Agrément Certificates to ensure the approved specification is met.


Species must comply with 1 of 3 performance classes within EN636. The three classes are as follows:

• EN636-1 Class 1, plywood will not delaminate in interior conditions (warm roofs, intermediate floors, timber frame and partition walls).

• EN636-2 Class 2, plywood will not delaminate in humid conditions or if it is to be used externally . Plywood should be treated or covered (cold roofs, ground floors, timber frame external walls).

• EN636-2S

Structural plywood with test data available to support structural status for specific end use.

• EN636-3

Class 3, plywood will not break up in exterior weather conditions (fully exposed service conditions).

EN314 PART 2

Glue Bond, this is divided into 3 parts:

• EN314 CLASS 1 Dry conditions, appropriate for normal interior use. Replaces MR plywood.

• EN314 CLASS 2 Humid conditions, appropriate for protected external applications, capable of resisting weather exposure for short periods of time. Also suitable for interior use where the moisture level is raised above Class 1. Replaces Type 1.

• EN314 CLASS 3 Exterior conditions, able to withstand weathering conditions and liquid water over sustained periods of time.

BS1088 British standard covering the technical requirements for Marine plywood.

BS EN300 Applies to OSB and is the standard applicable for dimensional tolerances, humidity , moisture, swelling, thickness, strength of materials, bending, modulus of elasticity , tensile strength.

E1 EMMISIONS CLASS Covers the amount of formaldehyde released by the glue line. The glue used in plywood construction is a significant part of the cost make-up. A way to reduce that cost is to use more formaldehyde in the glue thus increasing the formaldehyde released by a panel. ‘Non Interior’ and ‘External Use Only’ is generally a sign that the panel has an E2 or worse formaldehyde rating. Boards of Class E1 can be used both internally and externally and will have less chance of causing irritation. Boards with an E1 rating in an internal situation will cause no greater concentration than 0.1 ppm of formaldehyde, conforming to the guidelines of the World Health Organisation.

stockdale-peeled posts.jpg

Peeled & Pointed

We offer a good range of peeled and pointed posts. They have a more natural look to them and they vary in their diameter.

4’6 x 2-3 inch

5’6 x 2-3 & 3-4 inch

6’ x 2-3 & 3-4 inch

8’ x 5-6, 6-7 & 7-8 inch

12’ half round rail 3’ 1/2 to 4 1/2 inches

machine round posts.jpg

Machined Round Posts, Logs & Half Rounds

Our machine round posts are pressure treated to UC4. Most come with a chamfered top and we offer them in a range of sizes from 50mm diameter all the way up to 150mm diameter. Please see our price list for the full range of sizes.

We also offer a range of jump poles, flat bottom logs and half rounds

3.6m x 87mm, 100, 125 & 150mm Diameter. Treated UC3

3.6m x 87, 100mm (flat face) half round rails

1.8m x 100mm & 1.650 x 115mm half round pointed posts.

See our price list for our range of flat bottom logs.

smooth planks.png

Planed Rails/Planks

We stock a range of smooth timbers. Most are pressure treated with eased edges.

3.6m x 75 x 25mm (69 x 19mm Finish)

3.6m x 100 x 25mm (94 x 19mm Finish)

3.6m x 150 x 25mm (1444 x 19mm Finish)

3.6m x 75 x 50mm (69 x 44mm Finish)

3.6m x 100 x 38mm (96 x 32mm Finish)

3.6m x 100 x 50mm (96 x 44mm Finish)

3.6m x 150 x 50mm (144 x 44mm Finish)

3.6m x 50 x 25mm (44 x 19mm Sq. Edge Finish) Ideal for Venetian fencing.


Planed Posts

We stock smooth/planed timber posts most have eased edges. All our posts are pressure treated for ground contact.

2.4m x 75 x 75mm (69 x 69 Finish)

1.8m x 100 x 100mm (96 x 96mm Finish)

2.4m x 100x 100mm (96 x 96mm Finish)

3.0m x 100 x 100mm (96 x 96mm Finish)

3.0m x 150 x 150mm (144 x 144mm Sq. Edge Finish)

IMG_7895 (2).jpg

D Rail

Our D rail has many applications. It can be used as a capping, handrail and for trimming. Planed finish with two curves edges.

3.6m x 100 x 38mm (96 x 32mm Finish)

IMG_7898 (2).jpg
IMG_7899 (2).jpg

Cedar Shingles & Ridges

Our western red cedar shingles are available in a pack. They are mixed widths but all are 450mm long, pack coverage is 2.13m2. There are many grades of cedar available but our are top quality and officially rated as grade 1 blue.

Our western red cedar ridges are available in a pack. They cover 4.5 l/m. There are many grades of cedar available but our are top quality and officially rated as grade 1 blue.

IMG_7887 (2).jpg

Ship Lap

Our smooth, pressure treated shiplap is perfect for shed projects.

Available in 5.1m lengths. Coverage approximately 110mm 0.56 m2

125 x 25mm (finish 120 x 18mm)

IMG_7886 (2).jpg

Log Lap

Our pressure treated and smooth log lap is perfect for shed construction.

Available in 5.1m lengths 125 x 25mm (finish 120 x 19mm)

Coverage approx. 110mm. 0.56m2

IMG_7883 (2).jpg

Tongue & Groove

Our smooth, pressure treated tongue & grove is perfect for shed & gate projects.

Available in 5.1m lengths. Coverage approximately 110mm 0.56 m2

125 x 16mm (finish 120 x 12mm)

125 x 25mm (finish 120 x 18mm)