Visiting Marthall & Placing Orders.

Visiting Marthall

Whether you are trade or public and you are looking to pay us a visit we will be pleased to meet you! We have two entrances. Our first entrance is located before the layby on your right if you are heading towards Knutsford. This is our customer entrance. Our rear/second entrance is located after the layby if heading towards Knutsford and it is for our wagons and deliveries. For your safety please use the customer entrance. Park anywhere in the aisles as you come in. There is a map on our contact us page along with additional directions if you are struggling to find us.

Directly in front of you is our lovely new shop. Come in and meet us. Our counter is located at the rear of the shop. Feel free to browse. We also have a brew machine, snacks and a toilet available.

If you require timber please place your order at the counter and get a ticket. When you are ready head outside with your ticket and wait near the shelter. (You can’t miss the shelter its rather big!) When you are next in line our yard team will ask for your ticket and gather your order together. If there isn’t a yard team member immediately available don’t panic they are just serving other people ahead of you. During the months March-September they can be working very hard and we are always extremely busy so please allow time for your visit. We ask that you do not attempt to load yourself unless a member of the team has given you the go ahead.

Our yard is well laid out with most timbers in size order. If you are a little unsure of what you need feel free to browse the yard but please don't go past the RED no entry sign. This is for everyone’s safety. A lot of our timbers have labels on with their size. Some have a metal plate in front with a letter on it. i.e. ‘B’. Our staff inside know what an ‘B’ is so if you want to order this way you can. Some customers like to take a picture on their phone of the label if they are unsure. Still stuck? Grab a member of the shop team and we can tell you what it is you are looking at. You can even bring in a bit of timber, pictures or some measurements and we should be able to tell you what it is, your closest option or what you need for your project.

We operate a no smoking policy on the yard even when its raining for insurance purposes. All vehicles enter at their own risk this includes loading and unloading. Our yard team are very good at loading all sorts of vehicles. The counter staff can even provide you with an approximate weight for your goods so you can be confident on the limitations of your trailer/vehicle. We ask you check all items and your load before you leave the yard so you are 100% happy with them and that you have everything you asked for. Its easier than you might think to forget that much needed gate hinge!

Apart from this website Marthall does not advertise. Our customers come from far and wide simply by word of mouth so I think we must be doing something right! We hope you come and visit us soon and allow us to help you with your next project.

It is possible to return/exchange items you haven't used. (There a just a handful of exclusions.) We require your invoice and it needs to be within 28 days of purchase. All items must be in their original purchase condition.

Can I Place orders over the telephone?

Our staff are on hand to answer your calls. They are experienced and able to help you price jobs & projects. You can call us in the office 01565 650526 or send us an email to

We can take verbal orders over the phone. We do try to read the order back to you so you can confirm you have everything you need. This is because we might not be able to come back to site to exchange or fix any mistakes the same day or without additional costs involved. If you prefer we can email the order over to you so you can check it. Just ask any member of staff and they will happily do this for you.

If the order is complicated or involves timbers that need to be specially cut we may ask you to put it in writing via email. This is to help alleviate any potential mistakes that could be made by words misheard over the telephone. A copy of your order will be emailed to you for you to check and confirm it.

From March- September our phones can be ringing off the hook so if you don’t get through straight away please do try again or send us an email. We try to answer all emails the same day if it is possible. During our busiest periods we may struggle to break down complicated architect drawings and site plans so we will need you to list the materials you require.

We can take card payments over the phone or provide you with our bank details if you prefer to do a transfer.

We have a member of staff dedicated to transport his name is Dave Clowes. If you need to discuss your delivery please ask for him. Our sales staff will give you a rough idea on the lead time for deliveries and if you are happy they will take your order then transfer you through to Dave to plan in your delivery.

Can I change or amend my order?

If you need to make amendments to your order it can be done up to 48hrs before your delivery. This is because our yard team pick, count, organise and band your order after this deadline. To un-band, restock and repick is very time consuming and can potentially lead to mistakes being made. It can also cause delays in getting our delivery vehicles out on time. This cut off period also applies to additional items being added.

what vehicles can we deliver on?

Marthall operate a Hiab vehicle and a transit tipper. Our crane vehicle can carry a maximum of 14 tonnes and the transit 1.1 tonnes. The transit is limited to 350kg if the timbers are very long and need to be placed on the head board. (Anything over 3.6m)

We charge delivery at approximately £2 per mile regardless of spend. We do not build delivery into the cost of our goods like a lot of other competitors. This means if you are able to collect you are actually saving money. It also ensures we cover the majority of the costs involved in running our vehicles.

Our truck is quite large 24ft ridged body so there are limitations to the places it can go but it also means we can deliver large volumes of timber for bigger jobs. We can offer multiple transit trips if the truck won’t fit but it will involve additional delivery costs.

Our drivers are Steven and Niall and they are very friendly and helpful. For insurance purposes we will not drive onto smaller properties with drives as the weight of our vehicles can cause damage. They will off load onto drive ways and front gardens but we cannot transport goods down side paths ginnels/garages and to back gardens.(Kerbside only) If you invite the driver or his vehicle off the highway and at his discretion his is willing to help this is done entirely at your own risk. We are unable to offer compensation of any kind for any damaged caused.

You will be handed a delivery note so you can check you have received all the items you requested and sign off the delivery note.

If you have a question regarding your delivery we have a dedicated team member who goes by the name of Dave Clowes. Just give us a call and he will be ready and waiting to help.

We cannot accept payment on delivery. All goods must be paid for 48hrs before delivery. This is also the cut off point for any additions or changes to your order. Our yard team will have banded and tagged your order ready to go so changes will not be possible.

March-August is our busiest time and lead time for deliveries can be up to two weeks.